PF00-22087 Mabel Mini

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Portable Air Purifier

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1. Supercharged purification technology
Apply the pressurized purification technology on the ductless fresh air to the product, escorted by imported fans, and the purification effect of large air volume can be seen. Cooperate with the airflow direction of the ventilation system in the car, double air inlet, single air outlet, double wind pressure, double purification effect.
2. Recycling technology
With the help of the airflow direction of the air conditioner, the air intake power of the portable air purifier is strengthened, and the wind force at the air outlet is stronger, spreading rapidly from all directions, and fresh air fills every corner.
3. Say goodbye to office pollution
The pressurized purification technology forms a unique protection zone, creates an exclusive clean personal breathing zone, and bids farewell to office decoration, PM2.5 and other pollution.
4. Double filters
Equipped with H13 grade HEPA filter and activated carbon composite filter, which can be switched at will according to environmental needs. Long-term purification effect, filled with enough filter material, to achieve stable and efficient purification effect.
5. Elegant and compact design
From the inside to the outside, every place is almost paranoid and meticulously crafted. The beauty that can be seen, the heart that cannot be seen. We pay attention to design, but at the same time we firmly believe that design should not be compromised by performance, so even the air purifier with a very small space will not give up the insistence on the purification effect.
6. Different colors options
Ingenious design, full of sense of technology. Available in multi colors, smooth lines, and meticulously crafted for every detail. We always firmly believe that appearance and strength are both indispensable.
1. This air purifier gives people the feeling of exquisite, simple and modern design style, and the overall line full of sense of technology. The appearance design is innovative and unique, and the sense of technology emerges spontaneously. The fine workmanship allows the texture to permeate every detail of the machine. The overall appearance not only does not have the contradiction of blindly stacking designs, but also shows the visual impact of the perfect combination of technology and design.
2. In the age of intelligence, the importance of the screen as a carrier for conveying information is self-evident. Unlike many air purifiers, this air purifier pays more attention to smart experience. The touch screen supports touch operation, which can display current PM2.5, ammonia, air quality and other information in real time, and can also control power supply, negative ion, child lock, timing, wind speed, WiFi, automatic mode, sleep mode, etc. Because it is touchable, this screen has also taken protective measures in terms of waterproofing, and the waterproof level reaches IPX6, so you don’t have to worry about children damaging the screen.
3. Finally, the most remarkable factor is the purification. This air purifier adopts six-fold filtration technology, which can effectively absorb harmful nano-molecular substances such as ammonia and benzene in the air, and decompose harmful substances to prevent secondary pollution of the filter screen. It is equipped with a powerful twin-turbo engine system, brings double the clean air volume, purifies each space at a high speed, and truly achieves "safe check-in with bags".

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