WR-002-1 Bottleless water dispenser

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Bottleless water dispenser

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1. This water purifier transforms your tap water into pure and healthy drinking water by removing many pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, etc.), chlorine, TDS (fluoride, nitrates / nitrite), etc. It can help you bid farewell to the hidden dangers of tap water, and you no longer need to buy bottled water for your home.

2. This water purifier is very easy to install, just plug it in and get pure water in no time. It comes with a complete set of quick-change twist-seal filters, eliminating the hassle of complicated installation and filter replacement. Compared with traditional under-sink filtration, this water purifier is not limited by water source and space, you can place and move it to any place with power supply, it is very suitable for home, kitchen, office, camping, outdoor RV and other places of use.

3. The water purifier is equipped with an intelligent control panel, and you can know important information such as the condition of the purified water and the water output through the panel display, which is convenient for your use and adds convenience to your life.

4. This water purifier is also equipped with a large-capacity water tank, which can store enough clean water for your use. In this way, you can not only get pure water at any time, but also meet the drinking water needs of family members without frequent replenishment of water sources.

5. This water purifier also has a heating function. When you want to drink coffee or make tea, you don't need to boil water, just use the hot water provided by the water purifier directly, saving your time and energy.

6. In terms of material selection, this water purifier uses safe materials, and you can use it with confidence without worrying about the impact of materials on water quality.

In summary, this water purifier can provide you with pure and healthy drinking water by removing many kinds of pollutants. It is easy to install without complicated operations, and can be moved to where you need it at any time. The intelligent control panel allows you to easily understand the water purification status, the heating function saves time, the material is safe and reliable, and the water tank has a large capacity. Choose this water purifier, you will enjoy a convenient, healthy and high-quality drinking experience. Whether it is in the home, office or outdoor activities, it is your ideal choice.

What are the benefits of drinking filtered water?

Strengthens muscles. Drinking water in moderation can prevent muscle cramps and lubricate the body's joints. If there is enough water in the body, the intensity of exercise can be greater and the time can be longer, and the limit can be felt later, which also helps to develop a fit body. 

Nourishes the skin. Once dehydrated, the fine wrinkles and texture of the skin will become darker. Water is nature's beauty cream, and drinking it hydrates skin cells, making them plump and giving you a younger-looking appearance. Moreover, the moisture can remove the dirt on the skin, improve blood circulation, and make the skin glow.

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