WR00-23357 Water filter kettle

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Water filter kettle

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1. Making purified water at home just got easier, and you can keep it pure with our pitcher with tap water filter. This water tank has gone through a 3-stage filtration system with built-in pp cotton and pre-activated carbon filter elements, which can effectively remove most harmful substances in the water. The post-installed activated carbon filter adds taste to the water, allowing you to taste slightly sweet water, providing you and your family with delicious and safe drinking water.

2. This tap water filter pitcher is uniquely designed with an easy-pour spout and locking lid feature to make your life easier. It's also dishwasher safe for easy maintenance and keeping it clean. The pitcher has a larger capacity to hold more clean water, and the no-spill design avoids water waste and inconvenience.

3. The size of this tap water filter jug is moderate, with a length of 293mm, a width of 149mm, and a height of 265mm. It can be placed in the refrigerator or on the table without taking up too much space. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can enjoy pure water conveniently.

4. This water purification jug can filter 2500 liters of water, which means you no longer need to buy plastic bottles of mineral water, thus protecting the environment. By reducing the use of plastic bottles, you are making a positive contribution to reducing plastic pollution and doing your part for a sustainable future for the planet.

All in all, with our pitcher with tap water filter, you can easily make purified water at home. It has a 3-stage filtration system, which is able to remove harmful substances in the water and add taste to the water. The pitcher is designed for convenience and functionality, making it easy to pour and clean. It's a good size for placing in the refrigerator or on the table. By using this water purification jug, you can filter a large amount of water, reduce the need for plastic bottled water, and contribute to environmental protection. Choose this jug, you will enjoy a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly drinking experience.
Human body water requirement

Water requirements are mainly affected by factors such as age, ambient temperature, and physical activity. The human body excretes about 1500ml of urine a day, plus the water lost from feces, breathing and skin, and the total water consumption is about 2500ml. Therefore, a healthy adult needs about 2500ml of water per day Among them, drinking water accounts for about 50%, food contains about 40%, and water produced by metabolism in the body accounts for 10%. Adults with light physical activity living in mild climate conditions should drink at least 1200ml of water per day. Under the conditions of high temperature or strong physical labor, it should be increased appropriately. Drink plenty of water when you are sick, especially when you have a fever, because the metabolism speeds up by about 7% for every 1 degree increase in body temperature.

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