AE00-19018 Iris

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Space-saving Aroma Humidifier

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IMPROVED HEALTH AND COMFORT: Low humidity environments can cause a variety of problems such as dry skin, irritated eyes, dry nasal passages, and decreased sleep quality. Our ultrasonic humidifiers add needed moisture to the air, transforming any room into a cozy and humidity-appropriate environment where you can feel more comfortable.
QUIET OPERATION: Our large humidifiers are virtually silent (up to 35 decibels), making them ideal for use in bedrooms, nurseries, offices, or other spaces where noise levels need to be kept low. Quiet operation helps you and your family relax and sleep peacefully without any interruptions.
HIGH MIST OUTPUT: The cool mist humidifier has an adjustable mist volume that can be set to high or low depending on your needs, while the 360-degree nozzles spray the mist in multiple directions to ensure efficient and even coverage throughout the space.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our super cool ultrasonic humidifier is designed with the user in mind, with one simple button to control all functions. Press the button to turn the unit on or off. To add water, simply add water to the tank and reconnect it to the base. In addition, the humidifier is equipped with a water level window so you can clearly see the amount of water remaining.
AUTO SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: To provide extra safety and protection, our silent humidifiers automatically shut off when the water level gets too low. This ensures that the humidifier does not continue to run to prevent failure or unsafe usage. Especially suitable for homes with children, toddlers and babies.
THREE COLORS TO CHOOSE: This product is available in three exterior colors, rose, green and blue, you can choose your favorite color according to your personal preference.
You need to pay attention to the following points when using an ultrasonic humidifier:

In the air is very dry, our skin will appear cracked phenomenon, then you need to increase the humidity of the air, to maintain a moist environment to improve, humidifier is the best choice. Ultrasonic humidifier is mainly the use of high-frequency vibration, and then through the high-frequency vibration of the atomizing piece of water in the humidifier is thrown away from the surface of the water to produce floating water mist, to achieve the purpose of humidification of the air. General humidifier with softened water humidity display auxiliary function, for the humidifier in the water softener provisions after the water softener water, water hardness can not exceed 100mg / L, water humidity is provided within the range of 30% -70%.
Although ultrasonic humidifier is conducive to the improvement of the home environment, but the wrong use will still lead to affect human health.
(1) Do not directly add tap water, use pure water. Why can not join the tap water? Because a lot of minerals in tap water will affect the humidifier, but also cause pollution to the air.
(2) Do not use a humidifier for a long time. Prolonged use of humidifiers will lead to excessive air humidity, making some things in the home moisture, and even some of the wall peeling.
(3) Do regular cleaning. To regularly clean the humidifier, or the internal accumulation of various bacteria will be sprayed out with a piece of water mist, affecting human health.
(4) The water must cut off the power supply, regularly clean up the atomizer scale. Cut off the power supply is for safety, clean up the surface of the atomizer piece of scale is to avoid spraying out on the human body has damage.

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