WW00-22326 Wall mounted water purifier

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Wall mounted water purifier

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1. With its hanging mount design, this water purifier can be easily mounted on the wall without taking up desk space, saving you valuable space costs. You can hang the water purifier on the wall for quick and easy access to purified water while keeping your desk tidy.

2. The water purifier adopts RO (reverse osmosis) technology and is equipped with a three-in-one filter, which can effectively reduce TDS, chromium, PFAS, fluoride, arsenic, salt, heavy metals, nitrates, particulate matter, chlorine through layers of fine filtration The content of harmful substances such as chemicals and chemicals ensures that every drop of water is pure and reliable. The filtration system of this water purifier has been carefully designed to provide high-efficiency filtration to provide healthy and safe drinking water for you and your family.

3. The water purifier is equipped with an easy-to-use operation panel and a smart screen that displays information such as temperature, water volume, water filtration status, flushing status, and water quality, and has a platform mode. In addition, the water purifier also has water shortage and dry boiling reminder functions, as well as a child lock function to ensure a safe experience for you and your family.

4. This water purifier can produce hot water, ice water and normal temperature water, and you can choose water of different temperatures according to your needs. Whether it is hot tea in winter, cold drink in summer, or normal temperature water, the water purifier can meet your various drinking water needs.

5. The compact design is one of the features of this water purifier, which has been carefully designed not to take up too much space on the wall. Whether in a small kitchen, office or other space-constrained locations, the water filter fits easily and provides you with high-quality purified water.

6. With this water filter, you can save money while helping the environment by reducing your reliance on plastic bottled water. You no longer need to buy a lot of plastic bottled water, the pure water source provided by the water purifier can meet your needs at any time, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

To sum up, this water purifier has a hanging installation design, which saves desktop space. RO technology and 3-in-1 filter ensure that every drop of water is pure and reliable. The smart screen displays a variety of information and is easy to operate. The water purifier can produce hot water, ice water and normal temperature water to meet drinking water needs at different temperatures. Compact design doesn't take up much wall space. Save money and protect the environment with a water filter. Choose this water purifier, you will enjoy a convenient, healthy and high-quality drinking experience. Whether it is in the home, office or other limited space, it is your ideal choice.

Introduction of water purifier

Water purifiers are water treatment equipment that perform in-depth filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements for water use. The water purifier usually referred to generally refers to a small purifier for household use.
The core of its technology is the filter membrane in the filter device, and the main technologies come from three types: ultrafiltration membrane, RO reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane.

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