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Filter products are mainly used for air purification in clean rooms. Due to the demand for air purification in the public healthcare industry after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, iHastek has vigorously promoted the research and development, production and sales of medical air purification equipment. iHastek gradually develops and accumulates technologies in atmospheric environment treatment, and actively develops the industrial dust removal, oil mist removal, and VOCs treatment markets. iHastek focuses on semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, public medical, industrial dust removal, VOCs treatment and other markets. Its products include fan filter units, high efficiency, medium and low efficiency, chemical, electrostatic and air purifiers for dust removal, oil mist removal and VOCs treatment. Its products can be used for clean room air purification, indoor air quality optimization and air pollution emission control. The application segment is mainly semiconductor, biopharmaceutical and food industries. It is also used in medical institutions, large commercial buildings, public places, home environment, industrial dust removal, VOCs treatment, etc.

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