WR00-21157 No installation water purifier

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No installation water purifier

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CONVENIENT AND COMPACT DESIGN: This countertop water filtration purification system is small in shape and smart in design, it doesn't take up much space, making it perfect for various occasions. No complicated plumbing installation required, just plug in and start working, very convenient and easy to use. Its portability is also excellent, you can easily carry it to various places such as office, bedroom, kitchen, RV, etc.

EXCELLENT FILTRATION ABILITY: This water purification system adopts 5-stage RO filtration technology, which can effectively remove almost all pollutants in tap water, including microscopic impurities such as fluoride, chlorine, virus, rust, lead, etc. Whether it's instant hot, cold, or room temperature water, it's got you covered and is perfect for brewing coffee or tea. The Smart Filter Life Indicator and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) display provide real-time water quality information, giving you a clear picture of your water quality. Plus, it comes with a removable drip tray that fits cups and bottles of all sizes and is super easy to clean. Equipped with RO membrane, with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 nm, which can effectively filter out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate, trifluoromethane, carbon tetrafluoride, and other harmful substances in the water, making it safe to drink directly.

EXCELLENT HEATING CAPACITY: This water purification system has an instant hot water function, which can heat up quickly in just 1 second, no need to wait. It can also adjust the temperature of the water, offering 4 different options. When the temperature is higher than 140°F, the device will activate the high-temperature safety lock, which can be unlocked by pressing and holding for 3 seconds, making it more convenient and quick for mothers to foam milk. Whether it's Mother's Day or Christmas, this is the best gift for moms and families.

LED SMART SCREEN: This countertop water filtration and purification system is equipped with a 45° high-definition display screen, which can display information such as the life of the filter element, water temperature and water volume in real time. The water tank is detachable for easy replacement and cleaning. The magnetic water tray design can prevent water droplets from leaking out, which is very convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
This water purification system is not only convenient and practical, but also very healthy and sustainable. It can reduce the use of plastic water bottles, allowing you to drink healthier water. At the same time, reducing the use of plastic water bottles also helps protect the environment and our health.

All in all, this small, convenient and beautiful countertop water filtration and purification system has many advantages, both in appearance design and functional performance. Its portability and multiple temperature options make it useful in a variety of situations. At the same time, its smart screen and detachable design also make it more convenient to use. Most importantly, its health and sustainability features make it a highly recommended water purification device. This desktop water filter is a great option for you and your family.

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