WR00-21174 Refrigeration household water purifier

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Refrigeration household water purifier

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1. Description 

This high-end and fashionable water purifier combines log elements, giving people a feeling of combining nature and modernity, making it look more refined and high-end. Whether it is in a modern home or a traditional environment, it can play a decorative role and enhance the overall aesthetic feeling. Its compact design does not take up too much space, it is very suitable for placing on the desktop, and can be easily integrated into various places, such as kitchen, office, living room and so on.

This water filter requires no plumbing or a complicated installation process, just plug its portable technology into any power source and you're ready to go. This design makes it convenient and quick for users not to worry about cumbersome installation steps.

In addition to convenient installation, this water purifier also has the characteristics of saving electricity and water. When the water system is not in use, it automatically enters power-saving standby mode to reduce power consumption. In addition, for the water remaining in the cycle, it is not considered as waste water and can be used for various household purposes, further saving water resources.

To ensure the purest water, this water purifier uses a 4-stage filtration RO membrane. This membrane can effectively filter out almost all possible pollutants, such as bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, etc., so that you and your family can drink tap water with confidence and ensure the quality and safety of water.

In addition to filtering water quality, this water purifier also has a cooling function, which can provide you with ice water that can be drunk directly at any time. Especially in the hot summer, this function can meet people's demand for ice water, bringing coolness and comfort to you and your family.

To sum up, this water purifier combines high-end fashion design and log elements, small and portable, suitable for many places. It not only has high-efficiency filtration function to ensure the purity and safety of water, but also has power-saving, water-saving and cooling functions to meet people's needs for a convenient and comfortable life. Whether in the kitchen, office or living room, this water purifier can provide you with clean and healthy drinking water, making your life more convenient and beautiful.
2. Physiological significance of water

Water is an essential substance for the normal metabolism of the human body. Under normal circumstances, the body should excrete about 1.5L of water through the skin, internal organs, lungs and kidneys every day to ensure that toxins are excreted from the body. There are 80% water in the body of children, 50%~60% in the body of the elderly, and 70% water in the body of normal middle-aged people.

Water has many important functions in the body:
(1) Water is an important component of cell protoplasm;
(2) Water acts as a solvent in the body, dissolving various electrolytes;
(3) Water plays a transport role in the body, and can transfer nutrients, metabolic waste and endocrine substances (such as hormones), etc.;
(4) Water has high thermal conductivity and specific heat, and can be used as a "heat carrier" to transfer heat between the body and the surface of the skin, helping the body to regulate body temperature.

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