WR00-21173 Refrigerated water purifier

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Refrigerated water purifier

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This water purifier is designed with user experience and convenience in mind. It adopts three touch modes, that is, touch screen, which makes the operation more flexible and convenient. At the same time, the addition of the child lock function is also to protect your children from accidental injuries, so that you can use it with more confidence.
In addition to being easy to operate, this water purifier also has an excellent design. It adopts a simple and elegant appearance, which is integrated into the style of modern home. Whether it is placed on the kitchen countertop or the office desktop, it can complement the environment. At the same time, its compact design can also save space and make your countertop more tidy and organized.

The RO countertop water filter is the core component of this water purifier. It uses a four-layer filtration system to convert tap water into healthy drinking water. First of all, the activated carbon layer can effectively remove the peculiar smell and residual chlorine in the water and improve the taste; secondly, the RO membrane layer can filter out harmful substances such as tiny particles, bacteria, and viruses to ensure the safety and purity of the water quality; thirdly, the filter layer can remove the chlorine in the water. Heavy metals, organic pollutants, etc. provide healthier drinking water; finally, the RO membrane layer can further improve the purity of water quality. The design of this filtration system allows this water purifier to effectively remove a variety of pollutants, providing healthy and safe drinking water for you and your family.

In addition, this water purifier also has a cooling function, which can provide two options of ice water and normal temperature water. In the hot summer, you can enjoy cool ice water at any time to relieve the heat. In other seasons, you can also choose normal temperature water to meet your different needs for water temperature.

Finally, this water filter comes with a full set of quick-change twist-seal filters. Compared with traditional under-sink filters, this design is more convenient and does not require complicated installation steps, just a simple twist to complete the replacement. This design saves you more time and effort during use, and also reduces maintenance troubles. Moreover, its portability is also very good, not limited by water source and space, you can place and move the water purifier to any place with power supply, it is very suitable for many occasions such as home, kitchen, office, camping, outdoor RV, etc. usage of.

To sum up, this water purifier has excellent features in terms of easy operation, appearance design, filtering effect and convenience. Through three touch modes and child lock function, the operation is more flexible and convenient, while ensuring the safety of children. The appearance design is simple and elegant, saving space, and can be integrated with various home styles. The RO countertop water filtration system can convert tap water into healthy drinking water and effectively remove a variety of pollutants. The cooling function provides ice water and normal temperature water to meet different drinking water needs. The quick-change filter design makes installation and maintenance easier, and the water purifier is also very portable. Whether for daily household use or outdoor activities, this water purifier can provide you and your family with healthy and safe drinking water.

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